The Maiden and The Mother

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A young woman named Kari has gone into the mind of her mother to seek revenge. She finally confronts her after 14 years but doesn't listen to what she has to say.

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Animations kinda sketchy, voice actin pretty rough. I guess u did a good job.

That is pretty good. Nice job!

I liked the style in which the magic was portrayed, cool colour choices for it.

That was really good. There is always an awkward leap to get through for magic stuff, but keep trying and I'm sure you can get past it. Your animation was nice, i would love to see more. the voice acting was good and enjoyable too.
to get past that awkward bit where you try to portray actions that real people never take(i.e. grunting or chanting spells) you just have to work at it until you find a way that works with your animation.
it might sound silly, but try watching and paying close attention to shows with real people that do that stuff a lot, the actors and directors have put a lot of thought into how to convey things, it takes a fair amount of effort to get your character's actions to fit their voices, but you are definitely on the right track.
watch shows that do it regularly, even if its live action. just watching cartoons will make you forget how some voices can match up with their bodies, so its good practice to watch both types of shows. something like Heroes or Supernatural.(mostly heroes. really good acting) would be a great place to look for the awkward grunts and screams that accompany this stuff.
RWBY is on netflix now and they do a good job getting past that awkward leap as the show progresses.

ZeroELopez responds:

Thanks for the critique :) I agree the action was a bit awkward. Heroes I'd a show I haven't watched yet but have been meaning to so I'll definitely take alook at their action scenes to see how to improve mine. I wish I saw Little Witch Acedemia 2 before working on this video, the magic would have looked a lot better xD.

Good voice acting, nice animation, my only gripe is it was so short! You had alot in there, this could easily have been a series. I loved the opening backgrounds, was hoping it would play a bigger part to the story.

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3.76 / 5.00

Aug 20, 2015
10:24 PM EDT