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A Heart For Sweetie Belle

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Looney Tunes style Sweetie Belle and Button Mash cartoon!

But oh no!! a disgusting Brony appears! ew gross bronies!

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Or just you know... sit there and enjoy! I LOVE YOU!

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this reminds me of how much i miss merry melodies, it was all in good fun, now every looney tunes character is an ass... thanks for the ride through memory lane Mr.Petey.

One word.


Way to go in keeping with the spirit of a Loony Toon's cartoon. I'm not really a fan of the MLP franchise
but i can't help but laugh when i saw this cartoon.

lmao the way he landed that he have a orgasm

first we see the guy in the suit piece and then no longer normal shirts and pants, I do not know what caused this error

Pikapetey responds:

Me not caring enough about consistency while drawing him over and over again.