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Strawberry goes to Too Many Games

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Strawberry Clock goes to the Too Many Games retro gaming convention in (Philadelphia) Oaks PA after hearing Tom Fulp is speaking without him at a Newgrounds panel event. Will he make it in time? And why is everything so big?
(People love to put Tom in their movies. But my way is a little different.)

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it's alright but actually cool to do all that

fucking genious!

No content Krinkle?

You know, on the topic of "it's an artform", I would almost scoff at the idea of B on some level actually being profound art, but I find the statement ironic because it was layered into the presentation this was.

I think the fact that B wasn't actually any big deal is what made it a big deal, it was the epitome of minimalism and boredome, but somehow it stuck, and what spawned from its notoriety is wonderful, amongst many other NG facets.

This made my annual clock day, because of all the odd little bits (claymation, a roadtrip, a surprise appearance and asking Tom, etc) came together into something I haven't seen before, and it just plain works. I love it.

8/10, 4/5, ~WCCC

wow, at first i thought that this was a movie about the daily antics of SBC in his small-house, but... what a twist!
great movie, my good joliet! really nice work, and i loved the little SBC with crown that you created, really nice character, and i also liked that he finally drove a car...
it seems, strawberry CAN drive now, after all those years...
all in all, it was a great movie, with cool stopmotion and nice visuals/neat camera angles and a nice story going on...

and i loved the final part! awesome! ;)
it was a great movie overall, and a glorious clockday tribute.
keep up the good work, my friend! happy clockday!

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3.05 / 5.00

Aug 15, 2015
11:54 PM EDT