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kewl 4 teh summre

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Happy Clock Day. We all worked super hard this year so sit back and enjoy the fruits of our creative labors...

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wow, an amazing movie once again!
you are amazing, pops!

even tho it started out as a normal movie, it went on with nice visuals, good voice-acting, and a strange demi-lovato videoclip. (is she thinner now? i am behind the times...)
but after the demi lovato videoclip part was over.... the celebration began, and the awesomeness started!
i loved that instrumental part with the rick asley song! i just got rick-rolled, and in style! :D
however,i didnt get one thing: why there was a bluebear toy in the chair?
so odd.

oh, and thanks for the couch-cameo! i loved it! :D

you say that you didnt do a flash movie?
well, even your shortest movies are great, funny and enjoyable masterpieces, so that proves again that you are a great flash artist.

keep it up, and keep creating awesome flash movies...
happy clockday!

How many movies have you made about not making movies

Pop-Tart responds:

Just like 3.

Out of 300... that's not bad.

:-) This feels good. Good feels. You made a movie. That's all it takes.

It’s been eons since I last logged into Newgrounds. I did so today specifically for ClockDay. For the last couple of years it seems that the Clock Crew (the only thing keeping NG interesting) was slowly dissolving, as Clocks of days past moved on to different things (i.e. grew up, got jobs, entered politics, etc.). But before the Clock Crew fades into history, I wanted to see if my favorite Clocks of years past would come back for the 15th anniversary of B, a significant milestone. Most have not, though Pop didn’t let us down. At first I didn’t care for the Clock Crew. But over time I came to admire what they stood for: their inclusiveness, irreverence, the wide range of content produced under the Clock Crew banner. Spam. Satire. Snark. High art. Shit that made you squirm. Humor. The upvoting. The downvoting. The Clock Crew pioneered the way groups functioned in the virtual world. I became a bit of a Closet Clock. That the Clock Crew has lasted 15 years is an achievement for anything in the internet era. I don’t see the Clock Crew returning to its heyday. Flash will soon be gone. The Clock Crew has a harder time than the Moose and the Elks in recruiting new members. NG won’t be far behind, having missed the boat and failing to adapt to changing ways content is delivered, and with popular contributors like Sexual Lobster still doing the same old Manwhore crap from 10 years ago. Favorites like PineappleClock, KnottsberryClock, PatriotClock, RobClock, AbsintheClock, CrowClock, StrangeClock, RibsClock, FUClock, and too many others to mention are gone, but their work remains, a snapshot to a particular time in internet history before social media took off and took over. Every now and then until NG disappears I can log in, revisit old Clock favorites, maybe find a new one I missed many years ago, and enjoy what the Clock Crew is and was. Pop, as a senior member of the Clock Crew and one of the best artists to ever be a member, thank you for all the years of the Clock Crew and for one more Rickroll. Oops, spoilers.

And vote five, fucktards.

Pop-Tart responds:

Aww, thanks for the kind words.... and the review. Long live the CC.