Channel Intro (The Antagonist)

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Bear witness the beginning of my darkside.

This is supposed to be an oldschool anime style animation in low frame rate. I originally do high frame rate animations, so don't get it twisted with my skills.

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Pretty good. Work on it and you'll get better. MIc quality also could use a huge step up. The animation isn't "too bad" but definitely needs improvement as far as the lines are concerned. The lines could be a bit cleaner and this would allow the colors to "pop" more. You could use a bit of anatomy and body structure practice as certain angles in this animation just seem unnatural and kind of rushed. If you couldn't pull off the angle simply discard it and use a different one. But these are just my advice and criticisms. I'f I had to give some positives I would say it is a interesting intro to a channel but definitively needs to be a bit more polished if expected to be taken seriously, excepcially in the mic quality.

Damn this was pretty cool, love the transformation scene don't listen to all these people saying it's bad they've never gotten front page.

Well that was a great big barrel of wtf lol.

Amateur animation, crappy voice acting, senseless scripting which not even introduces us to the characters, which seem to be appearing in your future videos. Plus, an ugly-faced Paralysing Old Woman in with addition of Mistral-wannabe Necromorf. I should've voted1,5 stars.

Although, you still look very promising, I kinda feel the rudiments of violent darkness in your videos, you just need help it growing out into something more smarter, cunning, cruel and ingenious!
I am looking forward to witness you getting better at this. Untill then, see you later! >=)

AntagonistDC responds:

Eh.....Thanks for the review anyway. It isn't meant to be professional, but I do enjoy animation as a hobby. Oh and BTW, It's "paralyzing", not "paralysing" and it's "Necromorph", not "Necromorf". I should give you a 1 star for bad spelling. LOL! And my characters aren't wannabe's either. They're original, but since you don't know them, it's best you ask me about them before you speak all that bs.

cool cant wait to see more!

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3.31 / 5.00

Aug 11, 2015
7:28 AM EDT