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Monsterclock 2: Monsterwatch

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This video does not have a deeper meaning. The original Monsterclock did have one, but nobody caught it, so I wouldn't make a sequel with a deeper meaning, because nobody would notice.

It's not perfect. In fact it's unwatchable. Sorry for that. I'd like to read some reviews that can change my life.

EDIT: Well, the rating isn't that high. Maybe I shouldn't have said that it doesn't have a deeper meaning. If I would have lied that it had one, people might have imagined one, meaning they would vote higher.

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At last you've done something with your life. Surprisingly good.

Simius responds:

Sorry for the late response.

hmmm... a quite interesting animation project....
it was quite disturbing at some parts(such as the eye-pop/eyes getting attached to rods), but it was bizzare, surrealistic and quite unique, in its own way.

also, the reason why the man transformed into the evil monster-clock, is his clock, am i right?
it summoned the monster, he became then, the monster-clock, and then he/it ate the dog!
also, in the end, some water filled the second level of the water keg....
is this a deeper meaning?
does it mean that its the second part of the trilogy? or it means that the monster-clock's quest is about 2/3 done...?

nice work...
i would watch the sequels.

PS: do you know about the clock crew? you should them.

Simius responds:

I am quite very glad that you like it. There actually seem to be people who really like it, one guy even favorited it.

There is indeed a sequel coming. I don't know how soon though, as I really want to make another series as well, which is about Simian mythology. I am planning on making Monsterclock 3: Digital Data, which will feature the return of the robot from Monsterclock 1. If this short works well, then I will make a Monsterclock 4, which will explain the endings of the other three and tie everything together. But I might change my plans entirely.

I do know about the clock crew, but I do'n really like them. My main problem is their voices actually: I think the voices are annoying and confusing as I can't always make out what's being said. I am aware of the fact that I uploaded this very near to clock day, but that's merely a coincidence. The previous Monsterclock movie was also posted very soon after clock day. Maybe one day I will upload a monsterclock movie on clock day and then it will confuse the living shirt out of people.

You're wrong about the unwatchable part. In fact, I enjoyed it (definitely not for it's content, though). I like the way you change the graphical perspective. The animation style is somewhat clumsy, but if you take your time, with a little more practice you'd make some badass animated shorts, if not movies.
Good luck, bro!

Simius responds:

I'm so glad I was wrong. That reminds me of St. Francis of Assisi. He once told his wife that her path would be full of thorns and thistles, but then he was wrong, because the path was all clean. So that's basically the same.

Positive reviews like this give me the motivation to continue my work, so thank you for that.

Credits & Info

2.31 / 5.00

Aug 10, 2015
10:05 AM EDT