Evil Otter

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Crappy thing I did because I liked the voice acting.

(It is supossed to be an otter and the whole animation took like... two hours to be made, not that I am proud of that haha)

Also, I left the audio repeat later if you just want to hear it. OR you can go and listen it from the author and give it him the best score you can!

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That was directed towards both the audio and the animation. So first I'll start off with the animation. You've definitely haven't gotten a lot better since the flashes we made with the... oh.. I don't even want to bring those up. :P Ahem, so yeah. The animation was really basic, but you've have gotten a lot better at it.

Soo... what does the Otter really have to do with anything here? It was kind of out of place and I could see the voice acting being better served on something more cartoony with a human character.

The voice acting itself was ok, but it really wasn't that funny. It seemed sort of forced... well... maybe it just didn't go along with the right style of animation?

Also, the video stops playing when it is over, but the audio still keeps going? I thought I was missing something, but maybe you should have thrown on a replay button at the end to make things more functional.

MonoFlauta responds:

Hahahaha, thanks a lot for the review.
I just heared the audio and wanted to do something quick for fun. And also: "The animation was really basic, but you've have gotten a lot better at it." Don't lie, to me, I know I am a programmer and that will never be possible haha.
About the Otter and the voice acting. It was just a random thing of the momment. I listened to it and made it in less than 2 hours. So yeah, it is crappy haha.
But well, it worked because it was fun to do something different.
Thanks once again again for the review!

I'm only reviewing this for the voice acting. The animation was admitted to be a quick delivery vehicle, for the voicing.

I liked it, but I thought that it could have felt like more, in that it seemed to lack a true feeling of a deranged otter villain.

It came off with the feel of someone reading lines, as opposed to a character speaking. Again, this may be due to the lack of a real animated segment, or that monologues put a lot of focus on the character itself, but it could be better. (I'm really trying to avoid the cliche, "More Feeling," but that sums it up.)

With minimal effort, you could get more in this otter's head, find an emotional anchor to play off (snapping in response to failure? Failed villain?), really feel this insane otter's pain/frustration, and work on a more natural laugh. (For the character. It came off a bit forced, for a criminally insane, possibly murderous, adorable otter.)

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2.86 / 5.00

Aug 7, 2015
12:51 AM EDT
Comedy - Original