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GI Joe: Laser Battle

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How bad is their marksmen skill? Can hit a tank like a champ, Drop a robot per every shot. But then it comes to hitting another person zero hits! I think I know why...

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Why do I get a feeling this is how it would actually be lol.

WARNING: This IS an ACTUAL representation of how a Lazer fight would go down.

This clip reminds me of Star Wars. Besides that point, the voice acting was spot on, the animations were smooth enough to enjoy, and the story line made a point.

lol good old eighties cartoon shows but most of us know the reason they could not hit anything with a laser ( which is generally pretty accurate ) is because that would have made the cartoon waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too violent for TV back then even though it is supposed to be a action/war show so unlike movies made around the same time & within the same genre everyone gets plenty of time to bail out of vehicles & the only casualties in shootouts are robots but when they made the animated movie some cobra troopers & a few joes did get wounded ( for the first time ) & Duke almost died :P

kalabor106 responds:

Yeah I know. Just thought it would be fun to disregard the actually fact why they couldn't hit each other and play it off on bad weaponry they obtained instead.

Do the animation wasent quite good, but this really made me laugh, how the lasers dont hit him from close distance, and no one dies.

kalabor106 responds:

I'll agree. The animation is a bit jagged and stiff. I'll try to do better. Glad you still found it funny

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Aug 6, 2015
6:19 AM EDT