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AFO Stomp box sim

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Author Comments

AFO - Analogue Frequency Oscillator.
this was SUPPOSED to be just a quick little proof of concept, but it grew.

This is an interactive demonstration of a device inspired by
The Claude Controller:
invented by Claude Woodward "The Sonic Manipulator".

Okay technically, it's just the loader and help tools.
(By the way; I can keep an unpublished file in the project manager pretty much indefinitely, right?)

The idea here, is to map the position of a physical flywheel to a synth LFO output via MIDI. Sort of like "What if Old Lezlie cabinets were MIDI devices"
Since I'm still getting my head wrapped around data matrices and flash oscillators, I simulated a possible effect by having the flywheel fade between two sets of audio playing in tandem.
I see the real world item as being thick and heavy, like a Cry-Baby. with great bearings. The reason it needs to be so robust, is I want to be able to set it on the floor, and kick the wheel as I play.

Okay, so, like most Effect processors, turning every thing on, and all the way up doesn't always return the best results. The Original score was Drum,Bass,and Organ/guitar- the Scientist was an after-thought. I personally think that's still the best mix.

Misc info about control;
*To hear Just the effected tracks, pull the patch chord at the bottom of the screen.

*when the red mark is pointing straight up at full profundity, the AFO outputs only the "A" tracks. Same story for "B" tracks while pointing the mark down.

*Turning profundity all the way down gives a 50/50 mix regardless of flywheel position.

redeeming qualities- Well, it's pretty.
* The music is my original work (along with everything else)
( if there's interest, I could mix it down, and put it on the audio portal)
* it's fun to try to synchronize to the beat using the clutch toggle.
* If anyone remembers the old Memorex magazine adds with the guy in a lounger, being blown back by the fidelity, That's what I was driving at with the Keyboard guy.
* The "good scientist" from my very first flash animation makes a cameo appearance... as an icon. lol

...and It didn't take nearly as long to load as I thought it would.

The Original Mixdown with additional tracks is here:

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This is really cool

You keep getting better and better with every flash. This one is very intriguing.

There's one bug with the guitar when you go in to the tip mode. The music is awesome, I don't think I'll ever be able to make actual music like you do lol.

Very. very cool.

Not sure how the synth player switched to a guitarist, I want the synth back...haha

This is one of the most interesting mixer concepts I've seen. Please do release the audio on the portal, it could use some more funk!

SwanBrown responds:

Sorry it took so long to get around to it, but I just uploaded the original Mixdown here:

Also, Thanks for your kind review. I think this is like my fifth published flash thing.
I Do believe I'm improving.