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Dungeons and Dickheads part 5

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Uh, yeah, Lot's of stuff happened this week, so I couldn't put everything into the animation.

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As a D&D GM i find this very accurate.

It was meh but it did have a lot of potential. Try practicing more on the animation art isn't entirely art if it is roughly rushed. Keep trying.

I can see you have a lot of good ideas but I don't think they were properly articulated here.
Most scenes are stills without any backgrounds and the VA was a bit hard to make out at times.
I did however enjoy your art style and zany humor.
I'd love to see a more polished version of this.

zachselsior responds:

Maybe someday, Maybe someday.


Animation was alright, so were the jokes.
Not bad, not good, just alright.

Your character design reminds me of Matt Wilson, too (That's a good thing).

Please don't make it loop at the end, though...

zachselsior responds:

Oh yeah, I love Matt Wilson's works.

I actually don't know how to stop it from looping, can you help a brotha out?

Good, but quality needs some improvement. Especially sound, get a better microphone.

zachselsior responds:

I'm saving that money yo.