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Radioactive-Decay:Day 2

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Author Comments

Whilst working in the Mount Noire research facility, an experiment goes horribly wrong, opening a tear in dimensions and allowing an alien force to invade. Whilst struggling to reach the surface, you discover that the army's rescue team has been ordered to cover up the incident and kill all witnesses, including you. Forced back underground, the only hope is the Sigma team at the other end the facility.

P-Fire weapon
Backspace-Switch weapon
NOTE! - Hold O in order to lock your orientation.
O and backspace to reverse through your weapons

Lowered volume of Rocket Silo's fan
Added health to C2a1e
Fixed bug with entering test chamber
Fixed Music not playing in Energize
Added hints to rocket silo
Fixed bug with test button
Fixed game not saving after C2a3a
Fixed game not saving after C2a3g

Update 25/7
Fixed tenticles saving over to C2a1b
Added more tile variation to Energize
Added healthkit in C2a2a
Added more tile variation to Subtransit
Moved triggers in Subtransit
Modified turret setup in C2a3g
Added death cries for large enemies
Turrets become active when damaged
Added interact lines for Scientists and Barneys
Fixed typo in C2a3

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I've never played a game so well done in my career with this site, seriously I found this game simply fantastic with its form of gambling and its pixelated style. a flash game so simple, but so well done! very true to the original game congratulations to the Developers and all those who helped in the performance of the game

Even if it was a nes game, we will still be waiting for hl3

UnrealCanine responds:

Sadly true

I still believe

besy flash game in the world! i also like rdd 1

I also got stuck in a wall.

UnrealCanine responds:

where did this happen?

Half life 2 rip off logo..