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Dead Hell

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you'll die a lot of times,
but if you survive
You will not forget this ever

games that inspired: Monster in my pocket, Ninja Gaiden

Use WAD or arrow keys to move.
Use J or Z to attack.
Use K or X to throw.

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cool game dude and nice graphics


Found this by random and HAD TO finish all levels without getting hit! :D I am gamedev myself (even I am working on kinda of different game - 2D fastpaced MOBA called "WarEternal") and I found this very awesome.. only think that bothered me lil bit was the need to refresh a lot due to game slowing down on me since I consider that cheating :D :) So if You were to made sequel (And I command You to!! :D ) with more levels and HIGHER difficulty, I am in for another flawless run (even with proof if U make it longer and harder)! :D Also loved that chars are overall same just with little different charge shots so they're not OP (in fact the first is the strongest but loved art of second more and third the most so had to play them! :D )! :)
Simply MASTERPIECE!!! Registered here just to say that ;)
Oh and if Ur interested in checking out my game I mentioned earlier, here's (pretty outdated :D ) "trailer": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5_8Hp61AIv0

x-SemAn responds:

it is very nice :)
the game can
someone like)

problem with delay
It was caused by
1. no knowledge of programming AC3
2. Sponsor function
3. Flash ads on this site

the game does not become successful,
although someone could like the look

It helped me to find a sponsor for the next game

I am not sure that there will be continued
as the challenging game is a very big risk
unable to find a sponsor

but may be 2-5 years
I will return to this idea

Thank you for your positive feedback
Now difficult time of life

and nice to know
that part of
what you wanted to convey in the game
someone like

I decided to recall the final boss in the game
and it makes smile =)

Best soundtrack ever!!!!!!! Lovely Graphics and all the blood ;-)

x-SemAn responds:

thank you) it pleases)

This is a great game. Many people have said this game was difficult, but once you get the enemy attack patterns down, it can be a simple, yet challenging game. Some of the bosses are quite difficult and challenging. overall a very good game with a great art style I would def recommend it to people who likes to play challenging games

x-SemAn responds:

I'm glad that you liked the game.
The game will not be able to evaluate the casual players.
Thank you =)