am i die

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Apathy is more than a lack of feeling. It is a grim disease, slowly clawing its way into every aspect of your life and consuming what used to be ambition, hope, and desire. Like a brooding fog, it shrouds your vision in a veil of cynicism and indifference until all you see is blinding darkness. You become deaf to the outside world, packed deeper and deeper into a calloused cocoon of emptiness. Am I die? Am I?


lol jk. I just made this for fun and lolz but somehow it ended up being pretty eerie and symbolic.

but in all seriousness...
am i die

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What a wonderful twist on full blown depression. As simplistic (albeit intended) the script was you still managed to relay its depth of emotion and the utter helplessness in understanding the purpose for existence. If your style didn't shift unnecessarily from comical to anime throughout the animation, you'd get a 5, but fuck you it did, so 4. lololol111!!! tho srysly gj

Is this a copy pasta?

antdung responds:

lol ya i stole it verbatim from walt whitman's 1855 collection, Leaves of Grass, specifically from the melancholy poem, “When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d."

How deprecive!

This is pretty good and has a deep philosophical side to it. Nice job!

I love the animation, and I love the theme. It is confusing bu it seems deep, making it meaningful in it's own way. It seems like an out of tune (or rhythm) poem that tries to confuse you but has a message.

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Jul 23, 2015
8:54 AM EDT