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Prisoner 109- werewolf horror short!-

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Here you go folks, my latest horror short, full of blood, gore, guns and a killer werewolf. Quite a bit different from my last one. I hope everyone gets a kick out of it!

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the transformation was creepy as all fuck and the warewolf it self is hella scary

SonnyFern responds:

Sweet! If you liked this you should definitely check out some of my other stuff! If you do be sure to let me know what you think!

bepis 1933

bad animation but movie is fucking sweet

I really Digg the Bad ass werewolf! Great concept for a Action movie not doubt about it !

That was really cool.
Awsome story, hands down about that.
Audio was good with the exception of the choppy soundtrack.
Animation was good but that werewolf transformation and escape was outstanding and blended a fitting image to your art style full on.
So, full star for story, full star for audio, full star for animation, and half a star just for that transformation and rampage scene: 3 1/2
Kinda reminded me of the second book in a Dresden File chapter involving a similiar situation.

SonnyFern responds:

Thanks so much. Doing the frame by frame traditional animation takes up so much time, I really have to pick and choose when I'm going to do it, otherwise making these things, as long and detailed as the are, would take months more. When I did the Friday the 13th short and to a larger extent Lake Villa Vamps (which is 3 hours) I really have to settle for just busting out the badass animation for particular stuff. I'm glad you enjoyed it, keep an eye out, I'm going to put up a trailer for LVV soon and then I'm going to have another, even crazier short...and Detective Morrisy might show up again one day!