Frosted Weat Cuboid's: Cereal Commercial

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The hit show "Marcus & Kitchen" now has a line of breakfast cereal! The hit series, rejected Nickelodeon, now has a breakfast food that all can enjoy. Frosted Weat Cuboid's is the ONLY meal of Marcus & Kitchen, and should be the only meal for you!


I don't care what others say, it was funny and make more you handsome devil

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Dude this was really funny and random grate job.
It's so awesome to see a multimedia work once in a while. it added a lot to the commercial feels and the cheesy effects (especially the explosion one) made it so much funnier.
The description and the misspells gave a lot to the video.
It is so sad to see people zero bombing this chaotic masterpiece just because it is built around live action. Marcus&Kitchen is turning out really well and it will be awesome to see more of them.
You sir, keep making dem awesome videos.

Newgrounds is a site for animation. While there was some animated bits to this, your score will suffer because of the live action. Personally, I was not entertained. The level of stupidity, bad acting, and forced humor was more along the lines of what I get on youtube, unfortunately.

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Yes, yes, and more yes.

this is so horrible in many ways. its not even really an animation.
basically a real movie with animated characters.

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2.89 / 5.00

Jul 21, 2015
2:43 AM EDT
Comedy - Original