Loryen - How to draw a girl part 3 (Clothes-Types)

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Hey guys! After getting some feedback from you on my previous videos, I've decide to continue with the tutorial series.
Hopefully this one will help you understand the different type of clothing and how they behave on the body.
This tutorial wont include colour, as that will be Part 4 (colour is not the easiest concept).
If this has helped you, make sure to +Follow me for further tutorials and Artworks -
You may also be interested to know, I will be giving away my tablet in 2 weeks to a random Follower/DA watcher as I'm buying a 27inch Wacom Cintiq.


I never thought about leather like that, it's also interesting to me on the process of folds.

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It looks good, but I can't tell what you're saying.

I have the volume on the vid maxed and the volume on my computer at 100% and I still have to put my ear to the speaker.

Could you maybe add some subtitles?

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videos much better now! right off the bat i see you explaining things much faster (which is essential for long videos) and that you're speaking with more confidence than before
these videos really helped kindle up some tactics i learned/forgotten to use

little extra critique just incase ya feel like it.

4:50 i see you took my advice! to be honest, the video's pretty great. im having rough times coming up with critiques myself! here's a small one though.

sure you zoomed in, but it would be nice for you to show us the example, next to the complete -right way to do it- sketch you have going on.
its a small critique, but it helps us not only differ between them, but also just feels like we're still on the same track.
10:50 yeah thats what im talkin bout! woo!

is there a reason you dont use the hand tool to quickly move the screen to your desired location?

really helped me realise how clothes work. i usually just try to draw em without the human figure at hand.
glad i watched these videos! ^^

usually a skipped a couple seconds, il be honest. but on this one im infleunced to watch cause you're explaining how its done quick and great!

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DrawingWithArthuz responds:

Thank you very much for your critique, you are a delight :)
Yes of course I tried to follow your last critique^^
Regarding me not using the hand tool ^^ I get its a bit annoying I'll try not to zoom in an out so suddenly, but its something I do every time, even in traditional drawing.
I pull myself back and check the entire picture. This helps me make sure everything is in proportion and in harmony with the rest of the image.
"usually a skipped a couple seconds" xD I don't really mind, I do too ^^ As long as it has been helpful to you, I'm happy :)

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