Loryen - How to draw a girl part 1

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Hello guys my name is Loryen and I'm a 2D & 3D animation and games student, in this guide I will show you how to draw a female character from imagination. I will explain why and how I am doing every step, so that next time on your own you will be capable of doing something like this. (This drawing will be done in my style, sort of anime but with more realistic proportions) Not only I will be making more videos if you feel like you need more help- Follow me on Twitch: www.twitch.tv/tryndamix
or send me on message here on Newgrounds. Hope this helps :)


don't get me the wrong way. I really encourage you on making these! want to make sure the future ones will be as great.
so please don't let my critique pull any nerves. you could jus ignore if its not the time or day.

1: when you explain it should be more planned, you hesitated a lot there.

2: ive watched a lot of tutorials. you need to speak up more and have more confidence in your voice! if you whisper like that, people wont really stick around for "a new user made tutorial" for 20 minutes. when people look into a long tutorial, they really push themselves to do it. so you gotta be prepared to deliver exciting, bundle of quick learning, striking voice right there man

3: its not really "attractive" to the viewer to look at a drawing that's small/not zoomed. im looking at 5:55, and all that resemble that moment in the video.

you don't have to follow these advice. I jus wanna help ya out yknow?

anyways, I loved the tutorial. I look forward to more of your posts!

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DrawingWithArthuz responds:

Thank you for your response, I really take any critique as long as they are constructive.

First of all thanks for watching and second, I will do my best to fix my own volume and maintain the excitement thought out the full video :P
In fact, next time I will do the speech on another "layer" of the video so I can fix it as many times as I want :P and I will work on making it shorter too.

So stick with me -- Eww! -- NOT LETERALY!
XD Cuz I will work on the 3rd part of it but fixed :)

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