Definitely one quirky night at Freddy's

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He was not indeed...

Here is the YouTube version, with english and italian subtitles!

Hi NewGrounds, long time no see!

I used to love the first game in the FNAF series (back then it wasn't even a series), since then I really wanted to make a parody of it!

My only fear is... how many other animations did I accidentaly rip off with mine? Let's hope it's lower than four...


As always, your constructive feedback is more than welcome! Expetially with this one, where I tryed to do some "post-production" when the flash animation was completed!

EDIT: Thank you for the frontpage NG! :)

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He just sent them to the bad place where children only eat vegetables instead of pizza. Btw the night guard looks like shaggy.

so... basally bonnie is a super weapon

I dunno why, but for some reason, the phone guy sounds like that "M" guy from Peppermint Park... and also, the only problem with this is... well I don't know where you're from, but judging by Foxy, and Freddy, I'm guessing somewhere in SOUTH America. Whatever, the point is, voice acting should be redone. That's it.

Pennaz responds:

I'm Italian actually, and so are the other two guys that voiced the animation!
Is it an "acting" issue, a sound quality lack or just the accent of the voices?

Thank you for your time! :)

Exactly what these games forget to show with every single one of their installments. What happens after one of the robots get you!
I mean you die in a weird way afterwards, but weird has no limits so, what gives?

Great animation! Loved the plot!

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Jul 17, 2015
2:44 PM EDT