How I Survived the drop

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check out Cromagg... hes so fucking awesome!!!

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Finish it!

is this about depression?

Fellow meditator. Hi, I would love to find all sorts of different types of meditation pieces. Their like different styles of art. I love the art look in these, very from the mind. And when she went into her mind and face her innermost workings. She found she wanted to fight instead of give in. And I like how you did the art from with in. Very raw bare bones art. In the making. Very nice. And a good tip for people dealing with some real ---- in life. You perceive everything from with in. So from with in you can face all which is on the out side. And deal with all these struggles, before ever doing anything on the out. Peace be with you.

DocJoshimitsu responds:

oh wow .... thank you so much. Its a creator's dream having someone actually putting this much thought into his work ...although I think you are giving me a bit to much credit. but Peace be with you too bro.

for me it lacks color and sound is not the best for the animation

This is be so fucking cash money when it's finished.
Great colour and sound.

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Jul 17, 2015
12:17 AM EDT