The Real World

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Screw your full description, I want to talk about other things in this section!

I made a list of things on Notepad of what I was thinking of saying here while I was working on this video, so here they are.

-I meant to add cars and people passing but yeah...

-I feel like I unintentionally made being homeless look like this terrible thing that turns people evil/scary, and that wasn't my intention. Honestly, I just wanted to focus more on the art and animation, so I came up with the story in like a day and got the voices two days later.

- While working on this, I was able to watch the first season of Sword Art Online, Veep, Catastrophe, Transparent, and starting from the very first episode, I got to the beginning of the fifth season of The Wire. So That's pretty crazy.

- :)

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living homeless in the dimensional offspring of minecraft and the smurfs

Life can be very hard and kids should be kids.

Got here totally by chance when this fell inside my recommendations.

The graphic presentation and the animations aren't that good, but not that bad either. A good amount of work was put into that, but it could be a lot more better. Nothing remarkable to say about the music, but I suppose they fit well with the overall tone of the animation.

It's strongest point, though, is the screenwriting and character's personality. I love how the flow of events is really smooth and natural, the people and the hardships they go through are really realistic and feel "human", also thanks to the voice-acting, which never seemed awkward or goofy to me, always keeping it authentic.

I'm giving it a 7, although with better graphics and animations could potentially become a 8.5/10, not higher, mainly because of the simple premise of the story. The goofy way Chase is coping with his hardships gave me quite a chuckle, the characters are likable and the overall piece of work has a strange charm to it and left me some thinking material, unexpectedly leaving me something.

Keep up the good work!

Sanbles responds:

Woah, this was really helpful! Thanks for the thought-out response :D

The art and animation weren't the best thing about this video, but the overall tone and writing was really superb.

The voices could have been better, but they were alright.

Whoa! Something that's not cynical, shit talk, rated-X discharge!

(I thought it was great.)

Sanbles responds:

I know right. Like, whoa. And thank you xD

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Jul 16, 2015
11:46 PM EDT