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A Brooding Art Piece (NATA '15 Novice Round)

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It's time for some serious feels...

Also, sorry about the audio quality.

If you want to feel more you can follow me back to my place in these links below ;)



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Just amazing. I love the way you've drawn the character's expressions, a great source of visual comedy, similar to the drawing style of Oney or Psychicpebbles.

At some parts I felt like the graphics could have been improved, for example the bosses left arm (viewers left) looks very thin. There are only a few instances of these kinds of thing, so it really isn't much to pick at. The audio is a little off too but you have addressed this in the Author Comments.

When the dog put his hat on, I swear, I nearly fell off my chair. Brilliant writing.

Keep it up

TrohPEE responds:

Thanks for the nice detailed review dude. It's been awhile since I made this, but its always nice to see it made someone laugh ;3
~ Keep it sleezy ,xoxo Trohpee

good idea, I think the graphic could be better

TrohPEE responds:

Thanks for the suggestion. I wish I had more time to polish up some of the graphics in it, but the deadline for this caught up to me. Trying to get better art for my next NATA submission though!

This was great! To me It had this movie atmosphere. When the dog left, I almost died. LOL
Sweet stuff man

TrohPEE responds:

Glad you liked it! I'm working on my next NATA submission as we speak I'm going to really try and top this one so stay tuned yo- big stuff coming!

Hahaha, I love how accurately you parody those cheap, uninspired dramatic shorts that people make.
It seems like some people seem to think that just because something has drama in it that they can sacrifice quality, but... it's not true.
I've seen some good dramatic shorts before, but... most of them have just been whiny self-loathing crap like this was parodying.
Good work! :)

TrohPEE responds:

I'm really glad someone understood what I was going for haha.
Thanks for the review man- really appreciated seeing this!

I liked this video. I liked the pacing, however, I really didn't understand the joke about the dog so I assumed that it was just about him leaving him like everyone else (hey if its that then yay me). The ending was about a 90 degree curve to the point where I thought it would be something else but it was really just, "NOPE you thought BOI" It reminded me of Dave Chapelle's "got milk" joke where commercials don't advertise their product anymore. I cant speak on what everyone else is talking about with the faces, voices, and all but hey its a damn funny animation.

TrohPEE responds:

that is what happened with the dog! I gotta check out that "got milk" skit too. Thanks for the review and kind words <3

Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2015
2:02 PM EDT