Reviews for "A Brooding Art Piece (NATA '15 Novice Round)"

Congratulations on making it to the open round! It must suck though to not have had anyone to compete against haha. I liked this animation, but the shift in tone at the end just didn't work for me. I think you spent too much time on the sad part. I was starting to believe in this sad story you were telling when it ended up just being made fun of at the end. I felt betrayed haha. The artstyle is good though. Although I agree with the other reviewers that say it looks like you copied the faces from other people. But if that's how you like doing it, it's fine with me.

TrohPee responds:

Yeah I don't know if I deserved to advance honestly, but It wasn't my choice haha. Thanks for the review man! I tried to bridge the shift in tone you were talking about with the weird dog scene, but if It didn't work for you it didn't work so I understand. The faces has been something I've been getting and its something I guess I need to work on changing more in the future so thanks for stressing that in a nice way and I'm glad it didn't take away too much from the experience.

I am new upon your work, and I see that you made a spontaneous ending.
Nice touch, nice story.

Great job! Took me by surprise in the best of ways!

I feel better now.

I don't know how I feel about this. I really like it, but that is directly because I really like Chris and Zack. You are using the same voices and most damnable, you are using their faces. I mean, it looks like you are tracing their lulz XD faces, and those are like trademarked. You clearly have good taste in humor (at least in my opinion), and I get it, you want to emulate the people you think are great, but emulate their core principles not their exact styles. Please experiment with your own styles. Don't use their stupid faces, stretch and invent your own stupid faces, it's actually really fun to do. Some people will not like it or get it. But some people don't like or get them either, but they are still great. Take some chances, and have some faith in yourself.