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The Tokyo Diaries - 2D Animated Short Film

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Copyright © 2015 Yoshiko-Animation


Please consider: All our artwork is copyright protected and unauthorized usage is not allowed.


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This short film visualizes two pages from the novel "The Tokyo Diaries" by David Schumann.

Full Film:



Magazine Article:


Written by David Schumann

Animation & Video Editing by Yoshiko-Animation

Light Effects by Leon Settels

Voice Acting by slavic99 & MiyuKisuDub

Music by The Great Circuiting - FDMDB

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Wow, that was very moving. I just love how realistic it is. This has been under my recommendations for a long time now. I didn't have anything to vote on in the Under Judgement section! This is still good. The bit with the hooker was great.

It really does me make think about the profession. They're people too! Even the water with the opening is gorgeous. A pity this is so obscure. Well, I'm here!

Yoshiko-Animation responds:

Thank you very much, I am really pleased to receive such a sincere and loving comment. Is rare on Newgrounds. Most people are just complaining about obvious back steps. Most of my work is commissions that are paid poorly, which is why I then deliver accordingly under my abilities. If you appreciate my own projects, like this video here, that means a lot to me. I thank you. Have sweetened my day.

the tokyo diaries

Great! you got English subtitles! However... the grammar... eek. ;) I was the same when I tried speaking to a native German speaker with my paltry zwei jahren of Deutsche, hee hee! I just gave up after that. I got tired of trying for years and years and exhausting myself on so many things- so i decided to stop and take care of myself. But you seem to be trucking along just fine, and that's great! ;) keep on goin; you'll get there.

Yoshiko-Animation responds:

I am really sorry for the grammer. I will try to reupload a better version soon. Thank you for taking the time to write this comment and that you told me a bit about your experience. You're very nice and lovely :)

Add subtitles please!

Dont get me wrong the animation was great but keep in mind not everyone could understand German. That's unfortunately why I have to give it 4 stars. I'm sure Google translate could've helped you out even if its not always accurate

Yoshiko-Animation responds:

Thanks for the hint. There are now new subtitles available.

I'm struggling between 3.5 and 4 stars for this. I understand this is German, but most of this audience is English. My suggestion would be to have English subtitles because other people will get frustrated if they are interested in the story but don't understand what's going on.

Great job with the animation, Great job with the music.
3.5 stars for this review but I'm not saying I didn't like this.
I just couldn't keep up with the story because my German is limited.
I want to follow your story though! Please consider English subtitles :)

Yoshiko-Animation responds:

Thanks for taking yor time for giving me this great feedback. There are now new subtitles available. Let me know what you think :D