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Zelda SDS Episode 27 part1

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Might take awhile to load…It's a big file…sorry about that.

If you didn't see my update on the site I cancelled the voice auditions for this episode. I was desperate to get this episode out and when I did get the lines for the remaining characters I moved ahead. I apologize if you were interested, but there will be more characters to fill in the future.

For the technicals: this swf file was 30MB which is insane if you know Flash, I used many new types of graphics most of which are water effects. The file is so unstable that the Flash file was crashing constantly before I could even do much of anything so this is a miracle that it even runs.

If there are glitches…I'm sorry…I don't think I can do much about it at this point. I know the water effects will skip at certain points.

Find out what happened to the characters who have been missing in action! Raph comes across his greatest opponent yet and will YLink and YZelda have their first confession of love?

I'm sure this episode is important at advancing the plot!………………..Hope you enjoy.

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Hey, Spike. I got a question for you. Who's the girl with the blue hair and what's her connection to Calypso? Cause I can tell Calypso is not happy with Raph/Raf being in the same pool as her but I can't tell what their "relationship" is so I'm curious why he doesn't seem very happy with Raph/Raf being near the blue haired girl

Nice tits (._.)

Why link has black hair? or that was not link? the fuck is happening?

Well, that was interesting.

I'm not judging the story, because it's personally not my cup of tea (luckily you balanced out the sappy romance story with some sort of humor- this was pretty funny overall.) But for what it was, it wasn't bad. For one I'm impressed by all the water effects. I've never seen that kind of thing implemented in flash, or at least properly. That was a nice touch. But your animations for the characters themselves, well, in short they're lazy. If you must tween everything (which looks awkward because at times the characters' shoulders dislocate), at least add some easing to them. Movements seemed a little robotic, and lipsyncing also seemed a bit unnatural.

But it seems your goal was to create a story, not necessarily a masterpiece of animation. You've succeeded in that, at the very least.

Voice acting, well, everyone did a fairly good job, however the last guy who spoke- his voice was very quiet, and hard to understand. Should've turned that up a tad bit louder.

Keep it up, but try to polish the way your characters move a bit. Also try to refrain from reusing animations. Overall, not bad, but could be better.

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3.24 / 5.00

Jul 16, 2015
1:03 AM EDT