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SleepyCast Animated - Grandma Zach

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From Sleepycast Episode 17: "Little Skatey" comes an animated segment of Lyle trying to text Zach, only to harass an innocent old lady in the process.

You can re-listen to this specific part of the podcast by going to episode 17 and skipping to 28:16 (finishing at 30:38), but why not listen to the whole thing? Don't have the time? FUCK YOU YES YOU DO LISTEN TO IT NOW.

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It was definitely a funny moment and the animation added to it. Good job.

Oh shit. I thought you were dead.

You're still a funny fucker Sard! Miss ya homie.

SardonicSamurai responds:

I'm very much alive :D

I haven't done a review in years but I remember when you got popular from the "wii are sold out" that came out years ago, half of the animators I used to follow do not even make animations anymore so it was nice to see something made by you. The animation was very well drawn and it enhanced the audio from the podcast. Your animation skills have come a long way.

Cool animation, the arms were kinda weird though. Despite that really well planned out and made, and the face's expressions were really cool! this was basically what i was thinking when i was listening to this episode.

Did you model him after the Irish dude from Punch Out?