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Only the Happy Thoughts

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I dunno how to feel about this one. I tried to to something out of genre for myself this round, I'm not really sure what I think of it. If you've got any thoughts about it I'd love to hear them. Honestly I'm just tired. I hope you like it.

If you did like it, you can follow me on stuff. Social and whatnot. I'm on there. Also, thanks to visedgrub for your sultry vocals and Lawnreality for letting me use his song. THANK YOU.


Thanks for the frontpage <3

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I think the other people here pretty much said what I was thinking. I just want to stress that I really liked how this one felt, like it was full of heart. The art style along with the voices made this piece really pop out for me. Great stuff!

Man that was deep, good job.

It was great to see a new NATA thing. I will admit that this seemed a bit too long. It was still very creative. I'm glad that you created something we can all associate with. Well, just those who take meds. Then again, that probably is most of us.

These guys looked like deformed Muppets. I'm not sure what the intention was. The bits with the spider was quite good. The voices seem quite realistic. It's sort of experimental.

Ahhh man. I REALLY enjoyed this. Art and animation were both really nice to look at, and I loved the humor. I actually laughed out loud at a few of the jokes in here, which is really rare for me to do at an internet cartoon nowadays. I've only got a few minor complaints-- mainly, the lack of any sound effects and music. I'm not sure if it was a stylistic choice, but it was kind of jarring when the characters were doing things that typically had sound effects and there were none. At the beginning of the cartoon I was checking to make sure volume was on and headphones were plugged in, until the voices started. Another would be the backgrounds-- which, I get were a stylistic choice, but in a lot of scenes where they were just white it left it looking a bit unfinished. My only other complaint would be the way the story flows-- I enjoyed the story, I thought it was really funny, but the flow felt a bit off. All of that aside, this is honestly one of my favorite entries to come out of the competition so far. I already see a big improvement from your previous entry and I'm really excited to see what you do next! Good luck man!

jlorp responds:

Yeah, I'm sort of terrible at sound design, that's just something I need to work on, not really a stylistic choice so much. I also agree that in a few specific shots I definitely could've used some backgrounds, It was more because I ran out of time that I didn't have them in.

I think the odd pacing of the story came from not writing multiple drafts of the script and lots of cuts I had to make to the video partway through production to meet the deadline. It was hard to tell what flowed well after a few dozen hours of hearing the same audio, I should've storyboarded and finalized everything at the beginning, but oh well. Thanks for the cool review man <3 Glad you liked it

god dang ... "my son is an art student" ... That part cracked me up so hard... I missed like half the video after that... just because I was laughting like WAY to hard XD

Credits & Info

3.75 / 5.00

Jul 12, 2015
7:09 PM EDT