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What is "Companions"? - Companions Trailer

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Welcome to the world of Companions. In this world, your weirdest dreams will come true. You're capable of collecting... well, companions. If you haven't realized it from this game's title already. In other words: your dream to beat up a grandpa by your zombie dog become true... you weird sicko.

A game that is loosely based on classic Monster Catcher games, featuring a humorous storyline of an average kid who finds himself in trouble as soon as the journey begins. While the game is an homage to some older franchises in this genre, it has some unique twists both in the story, and especially gameplay wise.

Your mission is to visit a mysterious Tower, collect as many companions as possible, while also complete the Tower's ten floors. It won't be that easy, as the floors are frequently changing as soon as you leave or re-enter, and the difficulty between the different stages is perceptible.

Are you ready?

* A story that is both a homage and a parody of the monster catcher/capture genre, and series like Dragon Quest & Pokémon.
* Rougelike elements. For example, the main goal of the game is to beat a dungeon (a tower). However, the tower randomises each time you (re-) enter.
* The tower's featuring 10 completely different floors. Some of them are even puzzle levels, and a few of them has death traps.
* Recruit as many Companions as you can. Each of them has a unique ability, and the more you catched, the better chances you have in beating the game.
* The game's rewarding both "slowly, but surely" and "high risk, high reward" playstyles.
* Lots of hidden content and unlockables.
* Frequent updates and additional content after the game's release.
* Interactivity, not only in the game, but between the players and developers. We do our best to implement features you want to see.
* And more...


You can download the game by visiting our official site, or one of our mirror page profiles, like Gamejolt.

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