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This is an older cartoon of mine, a sequel to The Takeover. Thanks for watching!

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really really liked this, reminds me of adult swim, sealab 2021 also comes to mind.
but the lack of facial animation made the experience more frustrating than it had to be. Watching a blank stare while so many emotions could be heard on their voices was really annoying.
aside form that cool stuff, really liked the rotoscope animation.

Can you, an you just... buy me a box? because I love boxes. They're round. The little people inside talk to me in colors and I imagine I can hear the tree peeing in the background. Because The television killed my boyfriend, and now I just want my pills.

(I was trying your style out. how did I do?) LOL> this was good! very in your face and subtle at the same time. how do you do it? who doyou style yourself off of, or do you kjust come up with this stuff?

noiserover responds:

Thank you! You did really good, I felt like you were channeling me.

In answer to your question, I have influences, but a lot of my inspiration comes from people I've met and my neurotic mind.

hmmmm, mmmhmmm, yes I seee. PEOPLE OF NEWGROUNDS! HEAR MY CALL! THIS.............. this is gold. Not the kind of gold that you find at the bottom of the sea, But the kind of gold that can only be found.. In outer space o_O Complacently worthless to us humans, But if we are ever blessed by men of another planet. This...... with be worth all the pizza we can eat.

noiserover responds:

haha thanks

Fantastic voice-acting, some of the best I've heard on newgrounds. However, the wooden facial expressions combined with focusing so much on the characters faces...not that good.

noiserover responds:

Thanks for the compliment!

cool, the scenarios and characters are well designed and I liked the title and other things.
The animation is very good and the voice acting too, case you are to be congratulated. Is very good but ..... is not special

noiserover responds:

Thanks for the 4.5 stars!

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3.96 / 5.00

Jul 11, 2015
2:42 AM EDT