Dance Turrets

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Right I haven't used my newgrounds account in ages so I thought id give it a try.

Rendered in IFM with music and vocals by Harry101uk and mapping by Glados_Cube
Link to IFM

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Awww, they're so cute, and this idea is so original. I love it. Please come out with another dancing torrent video!

half star is missing only because making something this cool this short is just wrong.

Wow! I went into thing thinking that its just gonna be some dumb Turrets moving from side to side. But Break Dancing Turrets? That's awesome, I want more. 59 seconds is not enough.

Aside from some simple clipping with the lights, this had great animation. Fluid, and solid. Everything felt like it was supposed to. Way to go man.

aug550 responds:

Thanks :)