Gohan vs Kakashi

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Hey guys! Been a long time right? Since I uploaded something cool I mean. Well here is something I was working on for about a month for a series that I am unsure will or wont happen but at least this part is here! I hope you guys enjoy it and again big thank you to my mentor and really good good friend Exorz (Stephen Shorko) for backing me up for this scene to be shown now and not later and for being awesome! Be sure to check out his channel and thank you again for watching!

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MEANWHILE in 2018, Newgrounds has changed up their flash format and presentation somewhat. The fact this now plays like a movie, and not an interactive swf, means the "choose your winner" screen always auto selects Kakashi. I wanted Gohan to win, Gohan is a beast among beasts, have you not watched his Dragonball Super return to power arc, where Gohan overcomes his weakness in ultimate form?

While I've read the other reviews and understand you didn't select these characters, a depowered and "out of shape" Gohan still is sturdy enough to break a fully grown adult male bodybuilder's arm, just from being punched in the jaw (orange star highschool arc).

On the other hand, I'm not going to argue that Kakashi is a joke, because he isn't, Kakashi is a prodigy in his own right. It isn't easy to be able for a non Uchicha to activate the sharingan, the strain it takes on the body has been noted several times, especially in Kakashi's case, using mangeyenko sharingan takes ten times the charka and stamina that any other jonin normally would have; and he STILL pulls it off.

Overall I'm mildly satisfied with this flash, so I'm bumping up my 1 star score (broken choose your winner screen), up to a 2½. Fix the ending "choose your winner" to get a bigger raise.

ClideXIII responds:

Yeah this was just left unfinished and i actually knew nothing of actionscript. I of course know that Kakashi cant beat Gohan no matter what he does. Gohan is the goat. I would love to do this again but maybe with another 2 fighters although at the moment I am more interested in making full fights with some more meaning and not a choose a winner thing. Really love the comment and it was a breath of fresh air to read. Thanks again for CC and hopefully the next animation you will enjoy a lot more than this one.

Cool animation dude!!!!

Very nice sprite fight! It was entertaining. However, like everyone else, I find it painful to watch. Yes, Kakashi has mind altering abilities that could win. Kakashi could potentially slit Gohan's throat in his sleep. Kakashi could hide and put Gohan in life threatening situations again and again like a ninja. However.. in a battle of power.. Gohan is so far over 9,000 it's not even funny. Kakashi might, maybe, have made it to 9,000. Several of Gohan's moves could destroy planet earth. Kakashi at his very best, maybe a mountain or two.

However, a flash about how Kakashi sneaks around trying to kill Gohan sounds pretty boring. As does a flash about how Gohan can basically swat Kakashi like a fly on the wall.

ClideXIII responds:

Like I told many other comments before not really my choice in the characters I am a very active anime fan and I knew Gohan should have won this from the get go but the director wanted it to be with these characters. All in all I like the way the animation came out and I am sure it was at least pleasant to watch as an animation and not as death battle lmao

The animation is very nice but not really realistic. I mean Mystic Gohan would easely wipe the floor with any naruto character. But they have different kind of powers in each show so yeh....From a creative point of view this gets a 5 star. From a realistic fight situation this gets 1 star. But I will be unbiased and give it an overall of 4 :)

ClideXIII responds:

I know what you mean. I wanted the fight to be more fair, I knew one of them was clearly on another level but the director wanted it to be between these 2 characters. Next time I will try to animate something that has more fairness! Thanks for the 4 stars tho anyway man!

As far as substance goes amazing flash. I'm trying to wrap my head around how so many people think planet busters can lose to other characters( even if their moves are flashier,) that hardly create craters. Obviously I'm dbz biased. That said I can't deny you your stars based on my preferences when you put together a very fluid animation.

ClideXIII responds:

Thanks this actually wasnt my idea I wanted the fight to be more fair but the director wanted the animation to between these 2 guys. Thanks for the comment man!