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T-Rex Doing a Sweet Kick Flip!

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Animated for the Flash Holes June monthly challenge! This one features a good idea: a T-Rex doing a sweet kick flip! :D
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Nicely done! As a small critique, I feel that the animation in the "Good idea" segment could've used some more frames. Overall still looks nice! :D

jessejayjones responds:

Thank you for the feedback and for checking it out! :D Your animations are pretty sweet btw!

Good Idea, your T-rex joke.

Bad Idea, having the same joke repeated 3 times instead of having 3 different knowing you can deliver good puns. If you wanted to tell only this joke, it would rise the views having it only once. Perhaps, I'm wrong, the rest of the reviews will tell.

Visually speaking: Nice one!

Keep it up.

jessejayjones responds:

Thank you for the feedback! You're absolutely right, so I cut out the repeating segments. Thank you for checking it out, I really appreciate it! :)

You can't do kickflips in space, silly.