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Crazy Bounce Punks

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Backstory- 198X. You are a biker and is going to meet your girl and is surprised with a gang of punks bothering her. what are you going to do now? fight? yes. you will win? find out now.
Controls - Only the mouse. Just click, hold and drag your char wherever you want.
It's a really short game but can last longer depending on your reflexes. Also has a little "easter egg". see if you can find out.
That's it. Have fun.

P.s.: after mute the game, if you like the sound back you need to load the game again. I will try to fix it later.

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I think this is a solid start to the game if you plan on continuing it or making another one someday. It is short and repetitive but a couple simple things would keep the player playing more. A clock somewhere to show how long you lasted or a score would help as well. An ability to pick up some health or something could also work with the clock to try to last longer. I like the message at the end though. I did a short Let's Play of it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Em1DY8CW_U with more of a review while playing it. I do like the overall idea and think it could be a good game going forward but that is entirely up to you. Keep up the good work though.

BrindieGuy responds:

WHOA. I did not expect this. Really. I mean, my simple game have a video review in yt? Well, thanks for that. is the first time it happens. I feel flattered :)
A score was planned but I cut because of the competition theme. Why a score if you ,necessarily, will lose and not achieve your goal? that's what I thought. I also had less than a week to make the game. So, I just wanted to focus on the message. But now after good comments I think I'll make a new one. with all the features that a game should have. just give me some time because I had some other plans in mind. Ah, the easter egg It is the title screen. you can move your character and "interact" with the word "bounce". Also if you move to "click here to start" the game starts automatically. It is no big deal but it's something.
Thank you for your comment.

I think you have some major potential with this, you just need to expand upon it. Clicking a guy and bouncing him into people is fun! Alas, with the game's repetitive nature, it get's old fast. Make different stages, different enemies, a plot, and add some BOUNCE to those "bounces" felt more like I was walking into to them. Hit detection and physics. I think that's what they call it. (I'm no game designer) So what gives me the right to say anything at all? I LIKE reviewing stuffs! I bid you good day, BringieGuy.

BrindieGuy responds:

haha yeah, it's not really a "bounce". just liked the name that put at first. I do not know would expand this game. it has been done with a purpose. of course if I had more time I would add more stuff in it but I think I'll leave like this. perhaps a "remake" someday...
And you can say what you want because you are judging my game. I wish a good day to you too and I wish you could judge my future games. Thank you for your comment.

its simple, and repetitive.

BrindieGuy responds:

I did this game quick in the last four days. as was thinking of mobile devices I did just that style, simple and repetitive. but at the same time I tried to do something that would enjoy.
I hope you can enjoy more in another game in future. Thank you for your comment.

i dont like tis game you cant do eniting to save the girl and you are saying that if some punks are arrasing your girl you should run for help? wen you get back is going to be too late.

BrindieGuy responds:

Well, The game theme is deception so, unfortunately, you could never win and save his girl. sorry.
in the end I tried to send a message, not about the game but about life. I'm not trying to be deep or anything but at some point you may find that you can do everything yourself. what is not wrong. but there are people around you that can help you accomplish your goal but you do not want their help. in the end you can achieve the goal or not. if not, you may end up disappointing yourself and the people around you. who thought you could alone or who were waiting for you to ask for help to them. more or less this.
Sorry the “wall of text” and my bad english. and Thank you for your comment.

The music help us a immersive experience. But I think the hero should be higher for easier handling by mouse.

BrindieGuy responds:

Yeah, this music is really punk style. About the characters size, I was thinking in mobile devices. But, yeah, maybe they have been a little too small. Thank you for your comment.

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2.65 / 5.00

Jun 26, 2015
7:53 PM EDT