Ryu eats chocolate

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"Blowing a raspberry" sound effect by Paula at: http://soundbible.com/1605-Blowing-A-Raspberry.html#Blowing A Raspberry Sound

Ryu is really really hungry soooooo... he starts to eat a chocolate... thingy

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The actual build up towards the gag dragged for a very long time.

I like the concept of an extremely fit character eating junkfood as a movie premise.

I wouldn't normally expect to see Ryu eat chocolate.

You could simply show ryu quickly eating a chocolate bar.

You could also build upon your concept and create an entire narrative around Ryu eating chocolate.

Ryu's hand could use a bit of improvement.

Observe your own hands and than draw.

You could also animate Ryu eating chocolate in so many humorous ways.

This was a very funny movie with a humorous concept.

The build up could have been much more short.

You could have gotten away with creating a stupid two second animation.

Make a sequel to Ryu eats chocolate and expand upon it.

You still have lots of potential to milk more comedy out of Ryu eating chocolate.

- Mightydein