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A little girl lives alone in a bizarre, ruined world overrun with giant monsters, alienesque landscapes, and sinister mysteries, with her only companion being a pink stuffed rabbit. However, when her rabbit is stolen from her in the night, she must delve into the nightmarish remnants of the old world in order to save her only friend.

Rabbit Hole is my junior film for college, and may end up being the pilot for a new animated series. I was inspired by Miyazaki movies, Mad Max, and about a million other things I love.

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This is pretty awesome and unique, letting us view a destroyed world haunted by giant and grotesque monsters from the perspective of a little girl who went through a lot pf trouble just to get her bunny doll. Great job!

I need a part 2 of this and badly, maybe a prequel, or a sequel, a spin off, anything will do!

haven't watched it all but wanted to leave a review before I forget , this animation is awesome )

Dude good story telling

I hope this will end up as a pilot for a new series (as you mentioned in your author comments) 'cause I would love to see more of this fascinating world you imagined.
A post-apocalyptic world filled with creatures that remind me of "the old ones" from the Lovecraft-novels... wow, just wow.

The story here is already interesting, but I bet there's a lot more to the entire story-arc, would be awesome to know more about the past. What happend in this messed-up place?!
Anyway, keep it up man, great work!
Btw, why is the text on the add she found in the mailbox written in german?

UniversalHeat responds:

Thanks! I'm actually working on a sequel right now. And I'm glad you caught the Lovecraft references! I've always loved the idea of a world brought to an end by ancient gods, where the survivors have to live in the shadow of beings that could destroy them with a thought. Anyway, the next episode should be out in a month or two, so you can look for it then!
And the centerfold poster being in German may or may not be a clue to later plot developments, so I'll leave it a mystery for now >:)