10 sideways facts

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wanted to do another idea for the competition but it didn't work out so well...this is my first animated project (sorry about the sideways angle)I hope you guys enjoy!

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I honestly didn't find this that bad. I think the rating should be a tad higher. It's mostly because it was interesting to learn that stuff. All I had to do was pause the video and look at it sideways. I knew most of those things. Dang, I really should have made one for this.

A pity I don't know how to use flash. I thought the falling dream was the most common one. Well, you did say it was just ONE of the most common dreams. The thing about China makes sense. There really wasn't much need to make this sideways.

Technox17 responds:

thanks for the feedback! I'm glad you found it interesting! haha actually the sideways thing was actually caused by a issue that happened when I was switching the file formats for the editing

If it wasn't sideways it would have been better. The facts are interesting the animation is fine, but it occasionally cut to previous facts and then back.

Technox17 responds:

lol yea sorry about that something got screwed up when I was changing the files... thanks for the input tho I appreciate it