Wild Fur

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If are a fellow animator and want to see behind-the-scenes tutorials of this animation, I recorded the whole process and I am going to be releasing technical videos on my YouTube Channel and on AnimatorGuild.com (my website). You can also head over there and download the source files for free! Sign up and they will be emailed to you instantly.

Source files and tutorials:

Youtube channel:

The music was made by the awesome band, Still Parade. You can buy their original track on Itunes here:
Thank you sooo much to Shanic for letting me use his awesome drum and bass remix. I only ever use music that I would listen to myself, and I rock out to his music every day, check him out!
Thank you so so much to BooneBum (another NATA contestant) Despite having his own entry to finish, he was eager to help me out with the sound design and it was a great help
Thank you to Joe Brennan for being there at 4:00AM to help me with ideas and problems. I truly appreciate it.
Thank you to anyone else I have on Skype who has given me advice or encouragement, there are too many to list!


Hello, I hope you enjoyed this animation! It was for the NATA open round and I know what you're thinking: this doesn't have much to do with the theme... And you're right. As I explored my story, world and characters in the pre-production stage I drifted away from the theme. Although the theme gave me the initial idea, I wanted the story to be a good stand-alone project which was told in my chosen style. I hope that makes sense.

There's lots of scenes I wasn't able to make because of the tight deadline (3.5 weeks) which makes me a bit disappointed (yes, I did not have time to draw the spots on the snow leopard in lots of shots hehe). And I feel like the entire story is rushed to the point where none of the plot points are able to sink in because there are only a few seconds between certain actions being shown. But I hope this is not the case!

It was my first time painting backgrounds in Photoshop, and my first time using After Effects. I'm really happy that I took the leap to using these programs as I feel like they somewhat make up for Flash's limitations. However I have a whole lot to learn about landscape painting!

See you all in the next round (if I get in),


Nice love it i give you rive star

HowardWimshurst responds:

thank you

This is beautiful! The music is great!

This video is fantastic! We need to see more videos like this instead of some other junk out there.
Thank you for this and keep up the good work!

HowardWimshurst responds:

thank you dude

Hey man Thanks this one hit home for me and I hope to see more from you bro don't give up this really really is meaningful to me so yeah keep it up.

HowardWimshurst responds:

thank you very much, it's really nice to hear these lovely responses.
I've got another short film which is effectively finished. We are looking into showing it at film festivals first and then it will go up on Newgrounds.

The animation is good. I suspect with time and practice you could be a great animator.

The plot of the short story is lackluster. This feels like a shorter version of the movie FernGully. What is the message of this video? Is it 'humans are bad, nature is good'? Is it 'humans are destroying the environment and forcing endangered species closer to extinction'? Is it 'locking up wild animals is bad, they should be set free'? You are making a statement with this video. You are sending a message with this video, but it falls flat for me. The giant, monstrous man-made machine that is paving over the wilderness and hurting the environment is a message and a story that has been done to death. The machine isn't based on anything real, so it feels like a person who has only ever heard second-hand accounts about the environment being destroyed and tried to make a short film about it. It doesn't have the feeling of authenticity. I don't think you have ever visited nature.

Snow Leopards are listed as endangered, probably from humans encroaching on their territory. Both humans and leopards are predators and they are competing with each other for the same space. Plenty of predators and prey have been wiped out by humanity over the millennia. In the USA, wolves were wiped out from the lower 48. It wasn't until humans saw the commercial value in keeping wolves around for tourist dollars did people finally try to protect the wolves. Unless an animal has a monetary value attached to keeping it alive, humans are fine with wiping it off the map. If I might suggest, perhaps a better statement to make than 'human is bad, nature is good' would be to show how Snow Leopards are lucrative asset to humans.

I believe you have your heart in the right place, but some more research would benefit both your message and your animation to make it feel more authentic. Keep working hard, your work is promising. I hope to see your future animations get better and better.

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