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Third Law

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My submission for NATA 2015 open round! The theme was 10 amazing facts. I decided for my entry to focus on 5 instances of duality. I hope you all enjoy!


Edit: Holyshit made it to round 1!!! Thank you everyone for the support.

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Whenever i feel depressed i play it. it helps :)

I was caught off-guard in the beginning of the video,when I've read "Third Law" I tought about Newton and physics,but no,you totally surprised me,still the title makes sense,the art is very beautiful,the music and voice acting fit each other,and,altough obvious,these were indeed interesting facts.

Britbau responds:

Hah, I think you're the only one who's caught what the title was about. Thank you so much, hope my future work is equally as enjoyable!

that nice and though nothing is new but it is still great :)

Britbau responds:

Thank you!

Good animation but the subject brings nothing new, it's so cliché that it becomes boring and redundant. Even worse: the examples have been used countless times by other cultures: zen, toaists, christians and almost all religions in ways that are more poetic and less obvious.

Britbau responds:

Hey, that's totally fair and I don't necessarily disagree. NATA open round had a sort of restrictive opening theme and that definitely affected my ability to be creative and deliver something more original. That being said, that is my failing and not whoever created the theme. I'm hoping to deliver something more in my own voice, and something less derivative for the first round. Your critique is solid and honest and I appreciate it. Hope to improve in the future!

I liked it, but I have to agree with others on here. While it may seem a decent biblical excuse for god to impose suffering on us, in order to appreciate happiness, it most certainly isn't required. In fact that duality is probably one of the most complicated. After a good work out, I feel happy. After a lot of pain is inflicted upon me, I might be proud of the scar. Then there are those who have a lifetime of privilege thrust upon them, and they suffer with depression. Then there are those who know nothing but a life of suffering, and there are those who have been blessed with a wonderful life. I think the ultimate goal is to stamp out suffering everywhere, and that without suffering the world will be a happier place.

Britbau responds:

I think what people are misunderstanding when I say suffering must exist in order for happiness to exist, is that they think I am referring to specific individuals. I believe if anyone experienced happiness, in some way, it is likely at the expense of oneself or another. For example, if you like icecream, you can buy some, and that can make you happy, but someone has to work a shit job at a store that sells icecream in order for you to buy it, let alone all the people who had to spend time and work in a miserable environment making that product.

While a world without suffering is a good ideal, I personally think it is impossible. To exist in a world where no one suffers, is to exist in a world where everyone's views and feelings are homogenized. If anyone has any disagreements, there will always be some level of discomfort. And I think feeling unpleasant things is what drives us to improve, and to learn and discover more. If everyone was happy, we would cease to move forward, cease to make art or invent anything new, because there'd be no motive to.

That's just my 2 cents. Thanks for the positive feedback!

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4.02 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2015
7:09 PM EDT