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Telling the Truth

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These are some facts you just CAN'T MISS!! Made for the NATA open round.

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Funny, I wish the end shot had more animation to it rather than a bland cutoff. The cutoff really killed the joke for me, as I was expecting her to shake, be toasted, fall over, or make a weird position to exaggerate the electrocution more. Overall i thought this was pretty clever how it depicts that person you know who tells you a bunch of facts that are most likely not true.

I like this short, not just because it is decently animated. Which it is, but also because I find it personal. Throughout my life so many "facts" turned out to be misconceptions, and some "misconceptions" turned out to be facts.

Like I always used to think that if you put live wire in a pond full of fish, you would kill all the fish in the pond. But my father who is an engineer, told that that was not the case. I told him that he deconstructed Pokemon by demonstrated the physical fallacy of certain elemental defenses and attacks.

Really great stuff! Loved the voice acting and the animation :) great job

Really nice animation, quite funny aswell.