Plaggy explains 40k - 1.The Horus Heresy

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This is my first try to upload something i created. At least here on NG. I finished it a few days ago and would like to receive some advice or critics to improve the quality of future episodes. Well at least i want to know if this even HAS enough potential for future episodes or not.
Please keep in mind, that this is not meant to be some informative video to explain 40k noobs the lore. It is just a silly look at it. And i am not a pro-editor or animator or something. I just did this for fun in my freetime and thought "Why not sharing?" I`m a big fan of the 40k videos from Flashgitz here and Bruva Alfabusas "If the Emperor had a text to speech device" series, so i wanted to give my own stuff a try. A lot of artists at Deviantart gave me their OK to use their stuff. They seemed to like it. Same with my friends. But what do you think?
So enjoy (or not) and thank you for every bit of input you want to give.

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Great Movie!

SealSmacka responds:

ThX! There will be more in the future!