B - Standalone Version

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My prismatic project is moving along, and is now more than half-way completed.

As such, allow me to share with you the latest finished cartoon from it. This will be the last time I submit a standalone cartoon from the upcoming set. I just figured this one also deserved to have a spot of its own.

If you liked this, check the other standalone cartoon out, located here: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/658757

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Wow, nice use of color in this. This is a pretty sweet animation, and the music is perfect for it. The only pity is the length; I'm eager to see more! :D Will be checking out the other standalone!

Fubaka responds:

Yeah, maybe one day I'll make a 'sequel' to this one. Definitely more things I could do with this setting.

Intriguing setup. Love the animation style. Glad this is part of a bigger project; I wanna see more of it, and learn what is going on. Great job!

Fubaka responds:

Thanks to intrigued people like you, I find the strength to keep animating.

The final animation will consist of seven distinct cartoons, of which this is one. Four of them (this one included) are finished, and I am currently working on the fifth.

Beautiful art style and animation. Great job!

Fubaka responds:

Thank ye. I hope you stick around for when the whole thing is ready.