Ajin: The Bodies

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The story so Far, with some unseen bits: Brothers, Ag and Shuurp, are kidnapped by a skeleton (Wensin) and taken through a portal to Ajin. Unable to carry both brothers at once, Wensin brings only Shuurp to a goblin witch (Lucy) who had promised him a cure for his crispiness. She transfers some of Shuurp's skin onto Bony Wensin in exchange for some of Shuurp's tasty intestines (her newly formed parasitic growth's favorite food). However, she won't finalize the procedure until she gets some of the other brother's guts as well. Wensin goes back to get them while Lucy, badly affected by her growth, rips her friend's heart out.

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I never have a clue what's going on story-wise, and I love every second of it. Keep up the good work.

noiserover responds:


How dafuq is he gonna survive with his intestines chopped up?

Intestinal torture really gets to me. I think I'm gonna faint.

noiserover responds:

I know what you're saying. just the fact that we have intestines makes me sick. I guess it's supposed to be really extra painful to have your intestines messed with.

The style and animation and VA are all up to par, but the script left a bit to be desired.

That said, you've explained that this is a series but the previous installments and this are too disjointed. Having things happen "unseen" is not something that bodes well for continuity, likewise introducing new characters without any explanation or identification. If these were stand alone pieces the lack of context and familiarity with characters and understanding of situations would be excusable but under the circumstance of a series it's not.

Haha how wonderfully offbeat and macabre! XD
This is the second vid of yours that I've checked out (the first being Ladies of the Night),
and I must say that your style is growing on me.
I'm digging the strange, situational humor, as it definitely has a PDX vibe to it. Well done.
Can't wait to see what you come out with next!

noiserover responds:

Thanks! I'm working on the third F & P installment right now, hopefully it doesn't take too long. I might put some of my older cartoons up here.

the animation was perfect, and the humans/humans walking animation/walking parts in general, the face expressions and the oevrall features/drawings and colours of this movie, ALL OF THEM WERE PERFECT.

this was a perfect movie.

as for the story, it was confusing as hell, but thanks to your movie description, i got some of it.
now i shall ask you a few questions about the storyline of the movie....

i liked how the ''werewolf(?) guy'', tried to find the skeleton/zombie guy, and that he even talked with the human-witch lady....
who is the ''werewolf'' guy? and why was he cutting up those intestines?
also, was who was the little zombie-girl?
as for shuurp, he was the dead guy with the chopped intestines, am i right? a sad fate for this man... oh man... :(
i wonder, is ag still alive?
as for the skeleton guy, or wensin, he should be killed, for he is a plaugue for this land.
good story, confusing, but very beautiful visually.

keep up the good work.

noiserover responds:

Thanks so much! It's actually the skeleton guy cutting up the intestines. He's going back to give them to the goblin witch (Not the human witch) in 'the Growth.' She agreed to finish the skin spell if he brought her some more intestines. But when he goes back to find her she and her friends are gone. With the spell unfinished, his flesh is coming apart so he gives up trying to find her and shakes it off.
The zombie girl is just Wensin's (the skeleton's) friends. As a side note, she was messing with the werewolf (Jon) when she told him people were outside waiting for him. He just wants to make some friends.
Ag is still alive and is the one with the chopped intestines.
Shuurp is the skeleton lying on the ground at the end of 'The Growth.' The goblin ate his intestines and used the rest of him to give Wensin his skin back (This is all before you see Wensin cutting up Ag's intestines in this cartoon).
Hope that makes sense and answers all your questions. Glad you liked it!

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Jun 17, 2015
4:12 AM EDT