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TidBits 8 Ignorance

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Support my work on Patreon to keep this show going, and to help me continue working on my art in general here: http://www.patreon.com/andrewkaiko ! :D

We take a break from science lessons for more of an ethics lesson this month. Norm has an issue that he believes has gone way out of paw. The sparrow is voiced by James Sugrue, who has worked as a Titmouse animator for a while now, and his amazing stuff can be seen here https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCob2Hwcaut8rTqSkFYG4v1Q !

Tidbits with Norm & Cory is an edutainment series featuring the 2 furry critters from the 2013 animated short, Norm & Cory! Aimed at middle-school students in science class, or just any curious child thirsty for knowledge, Norm guides them through an intro course comprised of 1-minute episodes with his pupil Cory! The Patreon campaign won't just be for Tidbits either. From time to time I'll also add still drawings, comic pages, and other videos.

A new episode will be added at least once a month on the children's video site, BatteryPOP, and YouTube!

Norm & Cory (C) 2003-2015 Andrew Kaiko All rights reserved

Watch the original animated short here https://vimeo.com/79856701 !

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Very informitive! Always good to keep an open mind

The problem is not of technology, is not we have grown into lazies more uninterested versions of ourselves, people were already lazy about knowing the world before the information was readily and easily accessible to everyone.

Don't know how to react. Maybe I misunderstood the movie. And I do not know if you are just the creator, and not the author but please don't do that again.

Your series is fun for little knowledge pieces. But not for moral. Moral is not fun. Moral is party pooping. Moral is smart ass. People are not ignorant, they just do not want to be told how to live their lives or what to be interested in. They are not ignorant, in fact, it is the other way around: It is ignorant not to accept that other people may not be interested in certain topics and simply do not really want to go any deeper than a small chit chat. So the question "why are they not open" actually goes the other way around.

About the informational devices or books where you can look stuff up: This is the death of any good conversation. I can accept that people are attached to their devices but please do not force others to be part of it by interrupting a conversation and constantly looking up stuff which has no importance. It is the moment that counts. Being with friends and discussing is about being with friends and discussing. Not about exchange of knowledge.

As I said, I do not understand how or to whom to react but I just wanted to let you know. Still, good rating as I commonly enjoy your stuff.

This episode inspired by Facebook?