Notches On A Lake

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My entry for the Nata open round 2015.

I decided to go for a slower pace and tried to incorperate the facts into a small simple story.

Thank you for watching, any feedback is more than welcome!

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You did an excellent job of creating a serene atmosphere and the animation style jelled nicely. The volume of the VA though was a bit too low to be heard well, though I understand that characters speaking loudly would have disrupted the short's atmosphere. A good solution without compromising the artistic choice would've been to have a subtitles option. Lastly, a few of these facts were not facts, but definitions. All in all, well done.

Definitely awesome. I like it when people try to create a compelling story with characters that never move. you did an amazing job at that! I never got bored for a second! My one complaint is the drawings themselves. They look pretty sketchy and unfinished, but that's what a time limit does to you I guess.

i dont like the voice acting in this, other wise its alright i guess.
not really interesting

I was expecting the guy in the coat to stab the guy in the tank top as soon as 10 notches are made... I'm a sick fuck! This is definitely better than what I was expecting. Some of the dialogue was just a bit difficult to understand.

Peaceful, well paced, nicely done!

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4.44 / 5.00

Jun 16, 2015
2:18 PM EDT