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Starbomb: I Choose You to Die!!! Fanimated

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This was an animation i worked on for months and finally finished! It came out way messier than intended but you gotta move on some times! anyway enjoy!

Its also up on Youtube! :

EDIT: I just realized that all the annotations at the end wont be here XD sorry about that! ill put the links in this description.

You can also find me on Twitter!:

If you wanna support Starbomb, check out their albums here!: http://www.amazon.com/Player-Select-E...

Also check out Ninja Sex Party, who are part of Starbomb:https://www.youtube.com/user/NinjaSex...

Here is Game Grumps too!:

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All these songs sound the same. Great flash though and good enough lyrics.

great song and love the animation

Really awesome! This song has needed a good video for it for a long time! This is always how I pictured a video for this song going too.

I loved Misty's Steam Train booty shorts too haha.

Excellent job friend!

yea bruh! this song is tru and real!

Awesome song bro, the lawyer looked like he could have been from the show Arthur :P ....ahh the memories