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Sentinel Destruction 2

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This is part 2, With some new comers this time around. Sorry to those who weren't able to make it into the Collab for WHATEVER reason...
We had alot of issues with this Collab. Some were due to miscommunication, some were just the fault of Flash, the rest was my fault :) Good thing is, we pulled it off ! Everyone !
Music: "Grizzly" by Peter Jordan
Credits: "Techno Kick" by bdog705
Special thanks to @Mysticskillz @CLIDEXIII for all the motivation to keep this project a float.
And Thanks to @R1665 for taking the time to Organizing the Collab even when I gave up XD
Thank you to all the Animators who joined and spent all time on their entry!


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So good..

Once again, awesome.

this was simply amazing! I love collaborations. Multiple artists coming together to create one massive work of art! It's very exciting and impressive. You guys did a spectacular job! Gotta love those sentinels!

Spectacular !

That black Dragon Claw at 0:44 brought a tear to my eye. Rest in piece Reuben Kee. Your work inspires and lives on to this day.