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Mr Rex: Episode 1 [Discovery]

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Here is the first Episode of Mr Rex. I hope you like it, if you don't; please leave a review! Your feedback is very valuable to me and I'd like to do everything I can to improve! ^_^

Mr Rex Episode 1:
20 years after the battle for Earth; Mr Rex, Derrick and Bruce, 3 Tyrannosaurus from the ASR are sent on a mission to decrypt a block of encrypted matter in a generic space adventure... however conflict happens obviously and there are lasers, explosions, demons, angels, hills and a Tuxedo Woman working for a generic looking evil organisation. Will Mr Rex and his friends overcome this challenge? no shit.

For an alternative version of this Episode go here:
MR REX EPS 1 - TYPE A: https://youtu.be/hlq_QBnnzXg
(The Youtube version will show the planet during the daytime. I figured I'd make the Youtube version and Newgrounds version different so that people have a reason to watch both of them ^^)

DYNOSTORM LINKS (Follow me ^):

Youtube:: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCARYtiTasFeSe0nBgJOCMvg


Twitter:: https://twitter.com/DynoStorm

DeviantArt:: http://dynostorm.deviantart.com/

Patreon:: https://www.patreon.com/DynoStorm?ty=h


Maciej Rex ::

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Leafy Dubs ::

HeroicRoxas ::

Trina Deuhart ::

LanceLight :: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7stVxXY9KhE1e1FkLEmT3Q

Caitlin Buckley :: https://caitlinva.newgrounds.com/

Colby Peck/DigitalBeef :: https://www.youtube.com/user/mincraftfrontiersman

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The art style is wacky and zany.

But ya know...
I like it.

- A couple audio errors and some reused samples I can't hate. Especially when you fit in a that's what she said joke without making the rating any higher than a T. ;3

This cartoon was very entertaining and highly imaginative.

This movie has a very interesting premise.

I love the science fiction universe given to your dinosaur cartoon.

The great thing about science fiction is the ability to create entire worlds of new technology.

The movie was excellent; However, a bit more polishing to the graphics would earn you a surprisingly high score.

I like the multiple camera angles, The characters had expressive faces and I love the science fiction setting.

The graphics could use a bit more polishing.

Some of the angles looked a bit awkward.

It's sometimes difficult to draw things at different angles.

You should have some friends do a few dinosaur poses and take pictures.

Take pictures from multiple angles.

Use dinosaur toys as other possible reference materials too.

Acting out the poses will help with creating more polished looking poses.

Continue from where this episode left off.

I love your idea of presenting this cartoon as an adventure serial.

I enjoy watching serials because an on going story leaves more room for character development.

Serials leave room to explore other aspects of the overall story.

You picked a good way to present your series.

I look forward to future episodes and hopefully my advice helps with producing increasingly polished installments.

This was an enjoyable submission to watch.

- Mightydein