Capital Punishment: The Musical [NATA]

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NATA opening round entry by Liam Young (animation) and Alex Wallace (lyrics).

As a side note, all ten of these facts are based off true facts.

Youtube version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zRISvIP1KMU

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Wow, I never knew that the death penalty is more expensive than keeping someone in prison for life. This actually changed my view. Humor was decent, but the animation was top notch.

Who knew the dealth penalty was so musical.

That said....

I stil support it. There 7 billion too many ppl in the world

I really liked this! This doesn't have to do with the animation or story, but I would've liked for the piano to be a little louder. It sounded too quiet to enjoy. Nice work though!

that was pretty funny I suppose... the humor in it could be a bit better, but the animation was top notch work bud, good job.

Arguing against the statistical nature of racism versus legal punishments is just sad denial. We've literally recently had multiple black men killed by white men who got off. Meanwhile, we had the white man that attempted but failed thrown in jail for life. Our justice system makes a clear statement, that it's ok to kill black people, but if you attempt without succeeding, you'll pay the price... It definitely reinforces a double tap rule for police officers. Did you just shoot a black man? Then be sure and walk over and put an extra bullet in his head, or else.

Then we have the rioters. Obama blatantly comes out saying what these rioters are doing is bad. Then the conservative right comes out and says Obama supports them. So then the rioters can come out and say we have the support of the president to keep doing this. The people who oppose the president just said so.

I read once that the ultimate form of suicide is to go outside, lay face face on a concrete sidewalk, and then proceed to bash your head into the sidewalk until dead. There are so many people who consider opinions to be facts and facts to be opinions; it makes that suicide seem so appealing.

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Jun 11, 2015
7:33 PM EDT
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