Diglett's Legs

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Diglett animation.

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I thinks there's a moral. I think it is, just because other people may look like they're in cloud nine it doesn't mean they are very happy because it is more about the inside than the outside. Or it might be, just because your mad, don't explode in somebody else's face. Be a buddy, not a bully! Any way, after that emotional sentence, all I am trying to say is, good animation and you did a great job on making me think about what the moral is.
Anyway, peace out!

Very nice! I love the pop sound effect <3

FlumpyTripod responds:

Thank you. I made it with my own face hole.

Cool! Simple but creative Now that I think about it Diglett looks like Weedle now!

That was really clever; I didn't expect such a crazy explanation to come out of this video. That bit with him putting the cone off his head to place on "weedle" was so hilariously plausible. Way to make something original!

FlumpyTripod responds:

Thank you very much.

diglett is like Fk You and Im gona See whats up over here