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Allen & Merve

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Well, here it is. I spent the last 4 or 5 months animating this short in my spare time. It was written and recorded in a high school friends Caravan back in 2004, and I wanted to see what I could do with it with my current skill set while still having it reflect on the shorts age (the VHS idea came about because I actually recorded several of my flash shorts onto VHS to hand in for submission at school for marking) and well, heres the result. Beware, contains very dated pop culture references.

This marks my web animation hiatus for the foreseeable future. I will be uploading an update video with my plans next week, but don’t think that because I am no longer going to be focusing on web cartoons that I am giving up on animation because, well, its quite the opposite. ;D

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Nice one. I enjoyed the spontanious dialigue. Seems like a fun project

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks maaaaaaan! It was.

Awesome stuff, man. Really nice to see this coming out, I think NewGrounds needs more from you. I've never really seen anything quite like the aesthetic you've created, and the whole short was really interesting to watch. Definitely one of my favorites now

Gerkinman responds:

Glad you enjoyed it, you can also check out the 2004 original in my list of movies. :)

Interesting you have 3 stars (with 77 views currently at my watching). The animation is great, along with the art style. I also find the VHS like effects an interesting choice of things. Not 100% sure if it fits with a theme because I didn't 100% feel like it did. I didn't dislike it, I just felt it was maybe an odd choice, for lack of a better word i guess. As far as the voices, they were okay but sometimes they were flat and not much differentiation between the two characters, though I know they were voiced by the same guy. Maybe one of the voices should have been a bit more...extreme or something just for the sake of difference between the two.

I was going to type more but I cannot remember what I was gonna type.

Gerkinman responds:

The original audio was recorded in 2004, I wanted the look of the short to represent that. At the time me and my friend who originally made this actually handed in our school animation assignments on VHS. I agree the voices could have used more variation, but again, they were recorded over 11 years ago so it would have been difficult to try to alter them.

Thanks for the feedback. ^^

This cartoon looks a lot like animation recorded onto a VHS tape.

I usually find tracking errors and VHS artifacts to be very visually annoying.

Bad tracking can sometimes render the tape as unwatchable.

The VCR effects actually has the appearance of being VHS in origin.

Most simulated VHS effects use filters created in image manipulation programs.

The VHS tape illusion in other submissions don't look nearly as convincing.

Did you actually tape this animation on videotape?

Your effect on animation on VHS could be more polished by using other special effects too.

You could create animation in Mario Paint and record it onto a blank tape.

You could also create animation using a rostrum camera, film and different art supplies.

After the film is developed than the next step is transferring the footage to video.

Filming animation with a rostrum camera and transfer to VHS is a very expensive process.

You could also utilize your scanner, art supplies and image manipulation program to create traditional animation.

Edit the images together in a video editor.

You can than record the resulting animation on a VHS tape.

You can also create simulated VHS tape effects in an image manipulation program.

There are a lot of possibility with the VHS effect.

Some of my ideas might actually cost money to do.

I merely include these ideas to inspire your imagination to create inexpensive ways of creating cool animation effects.

Free is the optimal for your animation budget.

This submission was a very entertaining watch and was a pleasure to watch.

- Mightydein

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful response! I actually did all the animation in flash and the VHS effects were created in After Effects with a mixture of post and real VHS footage used with different blending modes. I work as a visual effects artist so the effect only took a couple of hours. I am glad you found it convincing, that means I pulled it off! ^^

Nice Animation, Lovely Style, Adequate voice Acting and Great portrayal of Being stoned, however, you could improve a bit on all that and could be very successful

Gerkinman responds:

There is always improving to be done, more to learn and things to refine. Thanks for the encouragement. :)

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3.44 / 5.00

Jun 7, 2015
7:34 PM EDT