The Wind Waker Tribute

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An evil wind is blowing...

In a flooded land, far away, deemed for eternal agony. Where the only residue of hope lies in an ancient legend, nearly forgotten. On an island, isolated from the rest of the world. A boy's birthday takes a tragic turn, when his sister get's kidnapped. Thus giving him the incentive to set sail and leave the island, embarking upon an arduous quest into the unknown, in order to save his sister.

Now along his journey, he must find the courage to not only save his sister, but also the world. The courage to reawaken the legend.

In this legend...
A new adventure...
Is about...
To unfold...

This is The Legend Of Zelda!

Here it is on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSYlE8ueyZk

All rights to the "Zelda" Franchise belong to Nintendo

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My childhood in a nutshell

Very WELL done!
Epic depiction of the actual game play, and literally spot on! You must have really loved the game as much as everyone else did when it first was released :)
God knows I loved it and still play it to date just because I can :p
Ahh the memories of bashing away at ganon's face...lol!

Epic Amazing Genius! I have never scene anyone capture those cutscenes from the game through animation. Great work.

Rustyhound responds:

I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Did you trace this? It looks like you took gameplay video and traced over it.

Rustyhound responds:

That's right! I took the trailer for the HD remake and traced over it frame by frame.

I've never seen anything like it, besides the game grumps shadow of the colossus (?) animation. You're the guy who did them, aren't you?

Rustyhound responds:

Haha, You're thinking of Tithinian. I'm not him, but he definitely inspired me to make this. I saw how cool it looked and figured that I should do it for one of my favorite games, In the end I picked Wind Waker.